How To Make Money Online Legally

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This topic has been one of the most debated on, online, everybody wants money, but the question is “How do I make it”.

The first thing to do is to know what you love doing, then build and work hard on it. For instance if you love dancing you can actually make money through it. But our focus here is making it online. 


1. Blogging: this is one of the most common term online in the 21st century, because it is very easy to get a working blog, either using wordpress Or blogspot once you register you can start making posts as easy as that, no stress. Now this is where the “passion for something” comes in. You can decide to be a fashion blogger, if you feel what you love doing is informing peoole about the latest trends in town. I.e most ladies would love to know the latest style, and what is trending currently. Once you start doing this and you get a minimal amount of traffic (users)  you can open a slot for advertisement on your blog, or get google adsense. This would be explained later. Then you can successfully monetize your website Withing months. 

2. Investing in Cryptocurrency: Most people still don’t understand what Cryptocurrency is all about and the sometime tag it scam. But the truth is the world is going to be a place where paper money won’t be recognized again… Years to come. For instance bitcoins increase and fall.. But when bitcoin Firstly started in 2009 it was as cheap as $0.001 to purchase 1, so had it been one purchased $10 worth of bitcoin one would have been a millionaire by now. So take your time and invest wisely in any Cryptocurrency You can get access to. 

3. Information marketing: This is actually not a new term in the internet today, it has been done for more than a decade ago. It is simply selling your ideas to someone who needs it. I.e (selling an e-book of how to design websites to someone who needs it) 

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