Malaysia-based big boy Hushpuppi advises Nigerians

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– Malaysia-based big boy Hushpuppi dishes advise to Nigerians
– He shared a post on his social media page about what winners should do
– Hushpuppi channels his inner motivator while telling his fans about winners and losers

earlier reported how top Nigerian comedian slammed Hushpuppi for wearing a dress, saying money can’t buy style. That however, is the least of the Malaysia-based millionaire’s problems who dished out advise to Nigerians recently.
Hushpuppi recently shared important advise on social media for his fans. According to him winning is the way and losers remain pathetic. He advised his fans to stay winning.
Hushpuppi is a self-proclaimed Gucci ambassador and many believe his advise on winning might be a way of telling his fans to keep looking flawless in Gucci

If you’re winning in life, it’s sad you’ll always have a lot explain; it comes with the victories. But losers are pathetic & have absolutely NOTHING to explain cos nobody wants the opinion of a LOSER anyways. My advice for anyone is to keep winning, it comes with a lot of bullshit and tearing down but DON’T STOP

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