Dammy Krane runs back to Nigeria after fraud case

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Dammy Krane is back in Nigeria, after saying he’d been set free by the court, but the private jet company insists that Dammy Krane still has a case to answer.
After all the credit card drama, Dammy Kramne is giving America a break.
The singer was seen jubilating as a crowd welcomed him at the Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos.
In June the ‘For The Girls’ crooner was arrested for allegedly booking a private jet with a stolen credit card.
Dammy Krane was released from a United States jail after he met his bail condition set at $7,500.
Even though he claims he has been acquitted and declared innocent by the court, the private jet hiring coming insists the case is still in court.
The private jet company said the court only extended the period in bringing the full charges.
In a statement signed by the TapJets’ Head of flight safety and security, the company says that a 180-day delay was in place, so as to bring full charges against Dammy Krane.
This became necessary after his accomplice Chukwuebuka Ilochonwu, is presently giving police his full cooperation.
‘He is not free. Court record says ‘no action’ it does not say ‘not guilty.’ reads the statement in part.
This means Dammy Krane is expected to be back in court by February 2018, at most, so we wait to know what becomes of the case.

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