Read what 100level Ui student whose nude was leaked has to say

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I’m not gonna say much about the whole nude ish but to those I dissapointed I’m really sorry

Im not giving the real story of how the whole thing started cuz some might not believe me and some would still blame me 

Moreover im not gonna prove anything to about the video cuz no one cares if its mine or not but at least some people were smart enough to realize the whole truth about this and moreover 

Tbh I’m really proud of you. Dunno how but I just somehow put myself in your shoes. What you’d be thinking, what you’d be going through coz psychological damages are the worst to recover from. Then ibfelt pity for you. Tbh, the whole world may have seen it but I like the way you made up your mind and said this is not how my story would end. Listen, we’re all humans. No on is good, no one is bad. Its just the mindset we have or grew up with that defines who we are. Some saw and didn’t see it, yet they mocked you, some laughed at you, some hated you but above all, some stood by you. Those are the ones you should care about or focus your attentions on. If the whole kardashians paid attention to what the world was saying, they won’t be where they are. They’ll just end up like trump and get hated the more. Tbh, you’re paying too much attention to those that don’t matter but I’m still wowed by your courage and the fact that you learned from your mistakes like seriouly. You have a long way to go and a lot to achieve. Don’t let the negativity weigh you down coz I know you’d still have some guilt no matter what. Just keep fighting for yourself and what you care about the most. You don’t know you might be an inspiration to someone else somewhere in the future. And as for the group, those dissing you don’t really have anything to say about from your nudes. They just trying to bring you down but just tell yourself its only those lower than you that can bring you out down.

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