Exclusive Interview with kiddadope (Ceo Legal Gang) 

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Kiddadope is a student of the prestigious University FUNAAB and he is known to be a money bag in the school. Lots of things has been said about him, so we decide to bring you the truth about him. Get to know all we feel you need to about the young ceo. 
Can you tell us your full name sir?

Zodiq Olawale

What course are you studying in this prestigious university (Funaab) and your level?
Mcb 400l
What brought about the creation of legal gang Records?

Passion to support young artists without much power to push their stuffs.

How many year(s) old is legal gang Records
1 year
So far, its looks like its only funaab artist you’ve got in the label, how true is this?
Yh phamos nd kjuni

You are a student sir, and you have a label, can you shed light on how you get resources to push the label and artists?

Yeah. Lotta people are concerned about this. Nd I appreciate their concerns. Im a united state citizen. And i must say d states do a lot to take care of their owns. 4months every year, im outta country hustling on multiple jobs. I’ve worked with money transfer companies like Transfast and boxy and as an agent. Also Trade Crypocurrency, likes of bitcoin, ether nd lite.

What do you plan doing once you are done with school?

Move further with studies. Was trained to fancy education.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Living good

One word for your fans and well wishers
If nobody talks about you, you’re Nobody. Be you and Prosper.

Thanks so much for your time Kidda, we appreciate it.
IG @kiddadope 

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