CBN Executives clarifies issues and speaks out

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Eairler  today  the executives  of the biggest lecture  theatre  in the premier university of Ibadan came out with the whole budget of the CBN concert and clarified issues about the concert. 

Contrary to the popular thinking, it was discovered  that most people  where misinformed  about the whole concert.

The rumors about the rave team spending CBN concert money was also debunked.

It was also revealed that the Committee members used their money to pull off the show, knowing it will be a loss for them. Turns out they’ve made history.
The Social Committee  also apologized 

For their poor preparation for the after party.

This show brought some of  DMW biggest stars to the university of Ibadan 

Stars like Dremo and other Ui Artiste 

Shook the whole of  ui

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