Lyrics: Georgeray X Demmy Jones –”No Lies”

Verse 1 (Georgeray) Too many ups and downs And I ain’t 21 Been grinding everyday you cannot love me now My girlfriend left me, And I’ll be feeling lonely She broke up for no reason I’d love you hope you know it Too much pain in my heart Ama pass it out. My momma called me, Hey son where you ... Read More »

Lyrics: Davido –”like dat”

[Intro] Agogo ko ro agogo ko ma ro Agogo ko ro agogo ko ma ro Agogo ko ro agogo ko ma ro Agogo ko ro agogo ko ma ro [Verse 1] All the way from magodo Noe we 50 floors up in my condo Wan ni mo ta like rodo And I wanna show you my love o Emi omo ... Read More »

Lyrics: Tekno –”only one”

[Intro] Legendary beatz Loving! Love the way you whine that, Loving! Love the way you whine that, Loving! Love the way you whine that, you are the Loving! Love the way you whine that [Chorus] You are the only one for me, you are the only one for me My girl you are the only one for me, you are ... Read More »

Lyrics: Wizkid X Future –”Everytime”

[Intro] Shizzi Future Hendrix Wizkid [Verse 1 – Wizkid] Baby when you leave, I no go leave oh Girl I wanna stay here with you Mama tell me make I steady live life Make I no dey jonze, make I dey there for you oh She tell me say na you dey make me dey slow down She tell me ... Read More »

Lyrics: Big Shaq-Man’s Not Hot

Song : Man’s Not Hot Artist: Big Shaq (Roadman Shaq) [Intro] Yo, Big Shaq, the one and only Man’s not hot, never hot Skrrat, skidi-kat-kat Boom [Verse 1] 2 plus 2 is 4 Minus 1, that’s 3, quick maths Everyday man’s on the block, smoke trees See your girl in the park, that girl is a uckers When the ting ... Read More »

LYRICS: Cyprian Alakija– Love Talk

​Don’t Have The Song Download ItHere Cyprian Alakija – Love Talk (Prod. Gravity Barz) Lyrics  Verse 1  Every morning when I wake up  Me haffi think of my baby girl  She is the one that I call on  When I got something nice to tell her I wanna be your lover  So would you be my lover  Oh baby please ... Read More »

Lyrics: Lilkesh No fake Love

Yagi Level I say when I no dey see bread not to talk of akara All this girls go dey use me dey shakara No designer no dolce no gabanna We are not hungry jor Keep your banana Oni ion do local boys maybe canada And I dont talk to boys that dont have nada Oshe ko si suit pelu ... Read More »

Lyrics: Davido – If (prod by tekno)

  [Intro:]   your favorite boy tekno on the beat       [Hook]   No do, No do,   No do Senrere o   No do, No do,   No do, shakara owe   No do, No do,   No do, gararara for me o, ehhh       [Chorus]   girl youre beautiful too   my number one ... Read More »

LYRICS: Davido – Prayer ft. Mayorkun

DOWNLOAD MUSIC HERE [Intro] Tararara E fikan we kan Emalo fikan we kan eh Is Davido [Chorus] Baba God answer prayer January to december Mo de mo wipe ma gbe’si ayo oh oh Alayemi mi j’ar’ode Baba God done answer oh oh January to december Ori bamise mo gbo’esi ayo oh oh Alayemi mi j’ar’ode [Verse 1 – Mayorkun] Oya ... Read More »

Lyrics: Runtown Mad Over You – Lyrics

Ghana girl say she wan marry me o I hope say she sabi cook waakye Hope your love dey sweet pass shito Baby girl i say I say your body na killer oh I fit to die on your body, only on your body That girl for the corner Tell somebody make them call am o Way she dey whine ... Read More »

LYRICS: Olamide – Underground ft. Akuchi

DOWNLOAD MUSIC HERE [Intro] Yeah, yeah, ihh ihh HOD on the beat Yea yeah, uhh uhh Work, work, ihh Yeahh, ahh ahh [Chorus] HOD f*ck up the beat DJ put it on repeat This for my goons on the street This for my goons on the street Underground like el chapo Underground like el chapo Underground like el chapo Underground ... Read More »

LYRICS: Olamide – Oluwa Loni Glory 

DOWNLOAD MUSIC HERE If i no get money, if i no get nothing Would you be there with me Put my life on the lane like Tony Montana, would you be there with me If you ready to go, am ready to go Are you ready to go with me Anything for the mula, you’d know i’d do it All ... Read More »

LYRICS: Olamide – Letter To Milli

DOWNLOAD MUSIC HERE [Verse 1] Hey son wassup, this is your dad Am writting this to motivate you whenever you are down Just remember my story and things that people told me Man mili till my head couldnt hold me Back from the facts that the things that i believed in Now i treat a special woman, the womb i ... Read More »

Lyrics: Ycee – Ahan Ooou (Cover)

The lyrics below [Intro] Ooouu, I be like, ahahn I dey here I dey here on this s**t You be like Ahahn, ahahn someone cannot play with you again [Verse] Lit, Zaheer I be chilling in my own zone Calling shots to the streets from my home phone You know the motto you going soft and you going home Am ... Read More »