Exclusive Interview With Dinero – A Multi-talented Young Nigerian Musical Artist

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Samsudeen Widely Referred To As Dinero Is A Diversified Nigerian Recording Artist, Performer And An Actor.

It Is Not In Doubt That Dinero Is A Multi-talented And Diverse Nigerian Musical Artiste And Actor.

He Speaks To THE RATIONALS BLOG About His Career, Struggles, Life And Music.

Read The Interview Below To Find Out More….


Q: Can We Meet You Sir??

A: I’m Berra Samsudeen and my stage name is Dinero. I’m a musical artist. I write songs and sometimes I act but basically, I’m a musical artist.

Q: Your Origin Please

A: I hail from Kebbi State. My Dad is from Kebbi and my Mom is from Oyo State here. But yo know, Dad owns it so I claim Kebbi State.

Q: How Did You Come About Your Stage Name Since You Weren’t Named From Birth??

A: As I’ve said earlier, my name is Samsudeen but lot of people shortened it to call me Deen. So, at a time, I got tired of been called Deen. So, I decided to add some spice to it, that’s where Dinero came from.

Q: Tell Us A Little About Yourself, Growing Up, Home Etc…

A: Growing up was so fun and lively. I’m lucky enough to be given birth to into a great family. I’m the second child of four, all boys thou. Jokes apart, growing up was fun.

Q: Does Anyone In Your Family Play Music??

A: Errmm!! Yeah!! Basically Everyone!

Q: Why Did You Go Into Music??

A: First of all, once you have passion for something, you go for it ‘cos it’s better you go for something that gives you happiness ‘cos at the end of the day, it’s the happiness that matters.

Music is actually part of me and what I have passion for. Most people think when you go into music, you go for the fame, money etc. Although, these stuffs are important but my major drive was “Passion”

Q: What Type Of Music Do You Do??

A: I’m a very versatile artist, I do virtually all type of music. Actually, I started as a Rapper, Hardcore Rapper. But right now, I’m diversified into other type of music and I write my songs based on my mood which can thus come out as any type of music.

Q: When Exactly Can You Say You Start Music…

I started writing my songs in my secondary school days, say SS2. Although I’ve been doing music but I’m the only one that knows that I do music ‘cos I don’t wanna share with people and feel so down with their negative comments.

But there was this Spanish guy that came to my school then. He’s a rapper thou and sometimes when he freestyle for people, he gets everybody’s attention especially the girls. In my mind, I do feel like, WTF, I also can do music!


So, later on, we became friends and I told him I do music. He was very optimistic then and he motivated me. We recorded a song and was a hit back then in my secondary schools.

That was when I can say I started music.

Q: Who Are Your Musical Influencers

A: Basically, if I should start mentioning names, the list is endless ‘cos there are lot of great guys in the industry today.

But to make a list, I have artistes like Usher, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, DMX, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg etc. and in Nigeria, Wizkid!!!

Q: What’s Special In The Way You Play Your Music And What Makes You Different From Others??

A: My Music And Lyrics Is Unique! What’s special in the way I play is that I’m original and I don’t try to copy others or do music the way others do. I believe in myself and originality.

Q: Apart From Big Artists, Who/ What Also Influence Your Musical Career??

A: My Family! They’ve always been supportive.

Q: Do You Play Any Musical Instruments??

A: No! #laughs

Q: How Do You Handle Mistakes During Performances

A: I try and turn round everything to a joke ‘cos if you take it too personal, you might not go along with the performance the way you should. Just just let it go and go on with my performance.

Q: You’re A Student, How Do You Balance Up Your Academics With Your Career???

A: It’s Crazy! So Damn Crazy!!! I’m not just a Student, I’m a business man as well. So, combining my business with my academics and at the same time, you still need to face your musical career is a whole lot mehn.

When I was in secondary school, I have my parents doing almost everything for me, so I have the time for myself and music. But since I’ve gotten to University of Ibadan, I’ve been doing everything all by myself, Music, Business and Academics.

But, We’re Pushing Thou

Q:This Is Almost A New Session, What Should We Be Expecting From Dinero??

A: A Whole Lot! A Whole Lot Mehn!!

We’re dropping lot of songs, freestyles, and lot of musical videos.

And I’ve been working with the best around just to actually push myself to the world and very soon, we shall reach our goals.

And That Brings Us To The End Of Interview, Catch Up Dinero Live At His Social Media Handles At Instagram & Snapchat: Dinero360


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